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ALWAYS GREEN SPRINKLERS is a full-service irrigation contractor located in Broward. We provide lawn sprinkler repair and complete irrigation services throughout Broward County, West Palm County and Miami-Dade.

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We are a full service Irrigation Contractor providing Sprinkler Repair services to all Broward County Communities. We Service and Repair both Residential Homes, Homeowners Associations, Condo Associations as well as Commercial and Industrial Properties since 1987. Visit our services page for a full list of services provided.

Irrigation System Maintenance

Enhance your irrigation system through retro fitting for efficient upkeep, optimal performance, and water conservation in your landscape.

Irrigation System Design & Installation

Customized design and expert installation of efficient irrigation systems tailored to your landscape's specific needs and water conservation goals.

Irrigation System Retro Fitting

Upgrade and enhance your existing irrigation system with modern technologies and components to improve efficiency and maximize water conservation.

Sprinkler Rain Sensors

Integrate sprinkler rain sensors to conserve water and ensure efficient irrigation, adapting to weather conditions automatically.

Irrigation System Conversions

Upgrade your irrigation system with conversions to enhance efficiency, conserve water, and support sustainable landscape practices.

Audits of Existing Irrigation System

Thorough audits of your existing irrigation system to identify inefficiencies and optimize water usage for a sustainable landscape.

Water Saving Upgrades

Implement water-saving upgrades to maximize efficiency, conserve water, and promote a sustainable approach to irrigation.

Always Green Sprinkler Manual Downloads

Instructions on how to set an intermatic sprinkler timer. PDF

Learn more about how the Florida water restrictions and how you can still keep you grass green. PDF

Download the latest Rainbird ESP Manual here. PDF

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 Always Green Sprinklers prides itself on providing exceptional customer service.  Please contact us using the link on the bottom of this website and we will get back to you as soon as possible.