Water Saving Upgrades

Water Saving Upgrades

Our Water Saving Upgrades service at Always Green Sprinklers is just one way that we strive to meet this goal. When it comes to optimizing your irrigation system for optimal water efficiency and conservation, our professional staff is second to none in implementing innovative technologies and tactics.

The following are all components of our Water Saving Upgrades service:

1. Smart Irrigation Controllers: Using sophisticated meteorological information, soil moisture sensors, and instantaneous adjustments, the smart irrigation controllers we install will supply your landscape with precisely the right amount of water at just the right moment. These controllers adapt watering schedules automatically to changing weather and other factors for efficient use and little waste.

2. Drip Irrigation Systems: We can create and install drip irrigation systems that supply water directly to plant root zones, where it will evaporate less and be used more effectively. When compared to conventional sprinkler systems, drip irrigation is far more water-efficient.

3. Rainwater Harvesting Systems: Our crew can install rainwater collecting systems to collect and store precipitation for use in irrigation at a later time. You can save both water and money by using less of the municipal water supply and more of this natural resource.

4. High-Efficiency Sprinkler Heads: We will install high-efficiency sprinkler heads in favor of older, inefficient types to improve water distribution and cut down on wasteful overspray. These sprinklers’ nozzles are made to cover an area evenly and efficiently.

5. Soil Moisture Sensors: Installing soil moisture sensors in your garden enables accurate tracking of soil moisture levels. By only watering when it’s absolutely essential, this technology helps plants thrive without becoming sick from too much moisture.

6. Zone Optimization and Hydrozoning: Hydrozoning and zone optimization are services that we provide after a thorough examination of your landscape. To prevent over- or under-watering, it is best to divide a garden into hydrozones, or groups of plants with similar watering requirements.

7. Regular System Maintenance: To ensure that your irrigation system continues to function properly, we provide regular maintenance services. Maintenance entails checking and adjusting items, looking for leaks, and making sure everything is in working order.

You may make a big difference in water conservation, water bill savings, and landscape sustainability by implementing these upgrades to your irrigation system.

Get in touch with Always Green Sprinklers today to get started on the path to a more water-efficient and environmentally friendly irrigation system with our Water Saving Upgrades service. If we work together, we can reduce our environmental impact without sacrificing your landscape’s aesthetic value.

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